Earley Studios, Camden Street, Dublin

Earley Studios, Camden Street, Dublin


James Earley is a contemporary urban artist based in Dublin, Ireland. He has been active since 1997.

James' distinctive style celebrates and pays homage to his family's rich artistic past. His family ran Earley Studios, a firm specialising in stained glass artworks for over 100 years (1864-1975) within the city centre of Dublin.

James' approach to creating work reflects his background in design and his involvement in graffiti. He has a very systematic and ordered approach to creating art. His computer is a central tool used to draft all works. He is most interested in exploring the possibilities that technology offer in creating highly crafted works similar to Earley Studio's but very much in a current, progressive and contemporary manner.


James Earley
113 Cork Street, Dublin 8

+353 (0)86 844 6444